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Michal Barwicki keynote speaker at GigaCon IT in Banking

Attorney at law Michal Barwicki will be one of the speakers at the GigaCon IT in Banking conference on 15 May 2024.

The theme of the event is the computerisation of the banking sector. Speakers will review IT solutions aimed at streamlining management, increasing work efficiency and optimising costs, as well as discussing the latest trends, sample implementations and their practical experience, related to the computerisation of financial institutions.

During the presentation ‘What is and how to comply with DORA’, Michal Barwicki will outline the key issues related to the DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) Regulation, which imposes a number of requirements on financial institutions in terms of ICT risk management, and will familiarise the audience with the impact of DORA on the financial market, including the banking sector. During the presentation, Attorney at law Barwicki will also present:

  • the requirements placed on financial market operators to manage ICT risks;
  • incident reporting rules;
  • as well as the practical impact of DORA’s entry for the banking sector.

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