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Jerzy Karney

partner, m&a specialist

Partner. M&A specialist and strategist with a wide range of experience in various sectors, including working in regulated environments.


His expertise includes strategic planning, financial oversight and support in M&A processes, with a comprehensive and dynamic approach to business leadership.

At the law firm, he provides support in attracting investors for project financing and in M&A processes.

His professional journey includes significant roles within major players in the Polish financial landscape, such as Bank Pekao SA, Raiffeisen Investment, and PZU Group S.A.

From 2003 to 2005, Jerzy served as the Director of Investor Relations and Multimedia Content at the Interia.pl Group. In 2005, he transitioned to the investment fund MAGELLAN PRO-EQUITY FUND I S.A., associated with Michal Sołowow, where he assumed the role of Vice President. In this capacity, he oversaw financing for investment projects, conducted analyses of asset structures, and managed currency risk, among other responsibilities.

Jerzy’s foray into multimedia content and investor relations at Interia.pl Group underscored his versatility and adaptability in various domains. His transition to MAGELLAN PRO-EQUITY FUND I S.A. marked a pivotal moment, where he leveraged his expertise to drive investment strategies and mitigate risks effectively.

Since January 2011, Jerzy has held the esteemed position of President of the Board at the telecommunications company HAWE S.A., which is publicly listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Since assuming the role of President of the Board at HAWE S.A. in 2011, Jerzy has been instrumental in steering the telecommunications company towards prosperity, leveraging his strategic acumen and industry insights to propel growth and innovation.

Beyond his corporate roles, Jerzy Karney’s proficiency in M&A serves as a testament to his strategic mindset and business acumen, further enriching his contributions to the telecommunications sector and beyond. His multifaceted expertise continues to be a driving force in shaping the dynamics of the industries he operates in.

Jerzy Karney’s expertise extends beyond corporate realms, as he boasts a deep understanding of mergers and acquisitions, further enhancing his strategic management capabilities. His dynamic approach to business underscores his commitment to driving success and innovation in every endeavor he undertakes.


  • University of Warsaw – Pedagogy
  • University of Warsaw – Postgraduate Studies in Domestic Economic Operations – Functioning of the National Economy (Money and Banking)
  • Ministry of the State Treasury – Diploma of successful completion of examination for Candidates for Members of Supervisory Boards in State Treasury Companies before the Examination Commission of the Minister of the State Treasury (2000)
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